taught by Guy Monroe

Course description

Welcome to the Hot Mic Method© singing exercises beta! This training program is in development. Your feedback is crucial in making it better. This singing program is intended to teach you the secrets of intimate singing stars like Elvis, Adele, Johnny Cash, Norah Jones, Peter Gabriel and more. Learn how to sing high and sound intense without yelling. Learn how to sound passionate when singing by mastering melody, resonance and language (vowels and informality).

Guy Monroe
Guy Monroe
Program Designer

Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach© teaches students how to have more fun in public. In the past 10 years he has created innovative public speaking, presentation, assertiveness training, singing, and voice programs which develop public speaking, personal expression and communication skills in Austin, Texas USA.

Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach© has developed a series of teaching methods which include the Vowel Diction® Method, a phonetic approach to speaking and singing entirely based on long vowel emphasis. Vowel Diction© shows singers how to hit higher notes, adding endurance to their phrases, enhancing melody and the ability to be more clearly understood.

In experimenting with shyness and performance, he has discovered solutions for performance anxiety, addressing both the physical and the mental game of public speaking, presentation and performance.

Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach©

Course Curriculum

Chapter 001 Grab-It! (breathing)
1-1. Welcome! Grab-It!© (theory) FREE
1-1a. Quiz - Welcome Grab-It!© FREE
1-2. Patience & Identity (theory) FREE
1-2a. Quiz - Patience & Identity FREE
1-3. The Mouth (experiment) FREE
1-3a. Quiz - The Mouth FREE
1-4. The Neck (experiment) FREE
1-4a. Quiz - The Neck FREE
1-5. Breathing (theory) FREE
1-5a. Quiz - Breathing FREE
1-6. Belly Breathing (practice) FREE
1-7. Discussion Breathing FREE
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Chapter 002 Crush-It!© (pressurization)
2-1. Welcome Crush-It!© (theory) FREE
2-1a. Quiz - Crush-It!© Welcome FREE
2-2. Buoyancy Breathing (experiment) FREE
2-2a. Quiz - Buoyancy breathing FREE
2-3. Intercostal muscle (experiment) FREE
2-3a. Quiz - Intercostal muscles FREE
2-4. The Abdoninal Diaphragm (theory) FREE
2-4a. Quiz - The Abdominal Diaphragm FREE
2-5. The Abdominal Diaphram at Solar Plexus (experiment) FREE
2-5a. Quiz - Abdonimal Diaphragm at Solar Plexus FREE
2-6. The Abdominal Diaphram at Waist (experiment) FREE
2-6a. Quiz - Diaphragm at Waist FREE
2-7. Pressurization (theory) FREE
2-7a. Quiz - Pressurization FREE
2-8. The 415 Pressurization "HISS" (theory) FREE
2-8a. Quiz - 415 Pressurization "Hiss" FREE
2-9. The 415 "Hiss" Exercise (practice) FREE
2-9a. Quiz - 415 "Hiss" Exercise FREE
2-10. Discussion Pressurization FREE
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Chapter 003 Buzz-It!© (resonance)
3-1. Welcome BuzzIt!© (theory) FREE
3-1a. Quiz - Welcome Buzz-It!© FREE
3-2. The Vocal Cords (theory) FREE
3-2a. Quiz - The Vocal Cords FREE
3-3. The Upper Teeth (theory) FREE
3-3a. Quiz - The Upper Teeth FREE
3-4. The Paranasal Sinus (theory) FREE
3-4a. Quiz - The Paranasal Sinus FREE
3-5. Voice Focus (theory) FREE
3-5a. Quiz - Voice Focus FREE
3-6. The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© (experiment) FREE
3-6a. Quiz - "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© FREE
3-7. The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© (practice) FREE
3-7a. Quiz - The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© FREE
3-8. Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips (theory) FREE
3-8a. Quiz - Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips FREE
3-9. Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips (practice) FREE
3-10. Buzz-It! Discussion FREE
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Chapter 004 Grab-It!, Crush-It, Buzz-It!© (review)
4-1. Welcome Grab-It!, Crush-It, Buzz-It!© FREE
4-1a. Quiz - Grab-It!, Crush-It, Buzz-It!© FREE
4-2. Breathing Theory (review) FREE
4-2a. Quiz - Breathing Theory (review) FREE
4-3. Belly Breathing Practice (review) FREE
4-3a. Quiz - Belly Breathing Practice FREE
4-4. The 415 Pressurization "HISS" theory (review) FREE
4-4a. Quiz - The 415 Pressurization "HISS" theory FREE
4-5. The 415 "Hiss" Exercise Practice (review) FREE
4-5a. Quiz - The 415 "Hiss" Exercise Practice FREE
4-6. The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© Experiment (review) FREE
4-6a. Quiz - The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© Experiment FREE
4-7. The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© Practice (review) FREE
4-7a. Quiz - The "OO-MMM" Buzz-It!© Practice FREE
4-8. Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips Theory (review) FREE
4-8a. Quiz - Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips Theory FREE
4-9a. Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips Practice (review) FREE
4-9a. Quiz - Vowel Emphasis - Kissing Lips Practice FREE
4-10. The Buzzing Alphabet (practice) BONUS FREE
4-10a - Quiz The Buzzing Alphabet (practice) BONUS FREE
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